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 Laughing Stock Farm, Freeport, Maine

The Eat Local Cookbook

A CSA cookbook we put together in 2010 caught the attention of the editors at Downeast Books who contacted Lisa and asked her to consider writing a cookbook dedicated to the concept of local, seasonal food. They loved the concept of a book with recipes that are some of our favorites, some that have been provided by our CSA members, and some from the chefs at the restaurants who buy our produce. A year later "The Eat Local Cookbook", written by your farmer Lisa Turner, containing some of your recipes, and published by Downeast Books hit the store shelves. It has received excellent reviews. In fact, for a time it was No. 1 on the Portland Press Herald nonfiction best seller list!

"The Eat Local Cookbook" is available at most local bookstores, but if you can't find it there, you can get it on line at many resellers, at Downeast Books, or stop by the farm and get your copy signed by the author, just make sure she washes her hands first.

Experiment and Submit Your Recipes

The recipes in this book are the ones people like. Remember our mission statement is "To delight the palate." The better tasting the food the more fun this is for everyone. So please, be creative and submit the recipes that you like the best.

Recipes In CSA email Updates

Our current members know that we send an email prior to each pickup. These emails contain recipes for the vegetables in season in addition to farm updates. We will continue to include recipes in these emails.