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 Laughing Stock Farm, Freeport, Maine

To Use the Cool Interactive Map

You may get a content warning before the map comes up. The map should still come up, but if not, go to the top of your browser window, highlight the banner, and left click to choose "Allow Blocked Content."

Move your mouse over the map to highlight the farm boundaries. If you click on it you'll bring up a new page that describes the farm.

If you click on the WikiMapia logo it will bring up a new page where you'll see an area photo of farm with the farm boundaries. Zoom all the way in. You can see the individual peony plants. See why we call it a Cool Interactive Map?

Instead of all that, if you click on the Google logo on the map you'll bring up a new Google maps page with a map with route numbers. You can zoom out to make a map to find your way to the farm.

Cool Interactive Map

Old Fashioned Directions

Take Exit 22 from I295.
If coming from the north, turn left off the exit,
If coming from the south, turn right off the exit.

Routes 126 and 136 curve to the right in about 200 yards.

Follow Routes 125 and 136 for about another 1/2 mile.

Take a right onto Route 125 (Griffin Road).

Follow Route 125 for about 2.3 miles. (Griffin Road turns into Wardtown Road.)

You'll see our greenhouses and sign on the left side of Rt. 125 just before you get to Florida Lake Conservation and Recreation Area.