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 Laughing Stock Farm, Freeport, Maine

Owner's Statement

In 1997 I started “farming” on 1/5 acre. I didn’t sell much, but it was enough to start me expanding, which I’ve continued to do every year since. This summer we will manage a total of 12 acres. Our quality produce coupled with your commitment to purchasing fresh local vegetables has built our business into a sustainable farm that will be able to serve you for years to come.

The best way to get to know us is when you come to CSA pick up and chit chat, but this web site will introduce us, and not just our farm to you. Please follow the links at the left to find out more about us.
- Lisa Turner


A cornerstone of our business has been to stay in contact with our customers to make sure we are providing what our customers want. We are committed to providing specialties that might be difficult to get otherwise, along with the more popular produce. Some examples include the heirloom tomatoes mix, romano beans, hakurei turnips and lollo rossa lettuce that have become so popular in recent years We will continue to expand and adjust our product line and length of availability to meet our customers needs.


Since the beginning our commitment has been to provide fresh, tasty, beautiful vegetables. We stand behind our product. For the first few years we worked hard to build the soil back to optimal fertility and expand our knowledge of varieties and growing techniques. Over the years we’ve added irrigation to the fields, heated greenhouses for winter production, and a state-of-the -art walk-in cooler to assure that the product is beautiful in the field and stays that way from the time it’s harvested and packaged until it’s delivered. We will always strive to continuously improve our farm infrastructure, equipment, and practices.